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Return of the prodigal

You can’t put a price on beauty, so the Greek gods would say. Actually, it turns out that you can and that Alex Pradas Quiles price is £30,000, although crueller mouths than my own might debate the definition of “beauty” here. Come closer, dear readers, for a happy tale that involves a character once beloved of this blog but who has been oddly absent from it for some time now. That’s right folks: Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Uk Authentic Prada Outlet Uk Sale put your hands together and make a big welcome for… Pete Doherty!

The little known but in this case aptly named fashion website recently approached the ‘singer’ (and, as LiS readers will remember replica prada handbags, doper of pet cats) to model for their website. Some might say that anyone dumb enough to get in bed with the scabby Authentic Prada Bags Outlet Online devil deserves whatever they get, and this may be true but it doesn’t make this story any less funny so we’ll continue.

The website’s founder, a Stefano Passantino, approached Doherty’s ‘manager’ (it’s funny how those ironic quotation marks just keep on slipping in when talking Best Prada Outlet In Milan about our Pete, isn’t it?) and offered £3000 Biggest Prada Outlet In Italy – £5000 for a one day shoot in which Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Clothing Uk Pete would perform the veritably Are All Prada Products Made In Italy renaissance-like task of wearing jeans and looking into a camera AT THE SAME TIME. But after what are described as “extensive negotiations” I’m sad to say this holy alliance broke down when Pete’s manager said the singer would not do it for less than £30,000 “before we even begin to discuss anything.” Gosh, drugs have got expensive these days, haven’t they?

Mr Passantino protested: “Who does he think he is – Claudia Schiffer?” Well, yes, why not? Linda Evangelista got $10,000 a day, didn’t she, and I bet she was never thrown off Davinia Taylor’s father’s yacht for allegedly smoking a crack pipe too Bicester Village Prada Opening close to the engine room. And anyway, taking inflation into account, $10,000 in the 80s (or whenever it Black Prada Bag With Gold Hardware was) is surely on a par with £30,000 today.

Mr Passantino, a mere scrub at 27, said, “ is all about helping people out on a tight budget and I thought Pete could do with a day’s work for what would have been very good money by anyone’s standards.” And obviously this offer was not motivated in any way by hope for publicity for a little known label by rubbing shoulders with what passed for notoriety in 2006. LiS’ verdict? Passantino – you get what you deserve.