About us

Utharakalam.com, a web portal, is an initiative of a collective group. The formation was the result of many meetings and discussions held in different parts of Kerala, participated from various walks of life including prominent writers, political activists, and representatives of Dalit/Women/Minority/Environmental organizations, journalists, academics, intellectuals and entrepreneurs.

The prolonged struggles of marginalized groups have resulted in the formation of a new political sensibility. It was necessary to bring together the elements of this fragmented consciousness that was multilayered to build a powerful social agency. For this, it is necessary to build up a new media culture. Further, contemporary mainstream media has its own deep-rooted race/ caste/gender character and class interests. In this context, it is necessary to create an independent media establishment that represents this consciousness.

This new media house should be considered as an enduring, authentic people’s media institution which is capable of addressing the emergent reader/ viewers from the subaltern subjects. The marginalized people in many parts of the world have already contributed immensely to the reconstruction of societies and have also built up many prominent institutions. Our attempt will also be to set up a world class institution of its own kind. For that, we are supported by a highly sensitive and futuristic editorial team. The setting up of such a Media Institution will be a proud and historically important event for all sections of people, especially the marginalized sections.