America’s top diplomat to Kabul

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Hight Quality Replica Belts UR: Yeah, that true. And sometimes it isn’t so easy to figure out if an ingredient is Designer Replica Belts natural. Sometimes you see things like cellulose, a dietary fiber derived from wood pulp. Embassy in Kabul and the NATO mission have condemned the massive bombing that killed 80 people near the German Embassy in the Afghan capital earlier in the day.America’s top diplomat to Kabul, Special Charg d’Affaires Hugo Llorens said Wednesday’s “horrific and shameful attack demonstrates these terrorists’ complete disregard for human life and their nihilistic opposition to the dream of a peaceful future for Afghanistan.”Llorens offered his “deepest Replica Belts condolences to the families of all those killed and hope for the speedy recovery of the injured.”The Kabul headquarters of NATO’s mission to Afghanistan also denounced the car bombing which the alliance said went off near Zambaq Square, close to the area housing several diplomatic and government facilities. Embassy is not located there but in another part of the city, about a kilometer (half mile) away.The NATO statement praised “the courage of Afghan Security Forces, especially the police and first responders.Japan’s Foreign Ministry says two of its embassy employees, both Japanese nationals, were slightly injured in the bombing in Kabul earlier in the day.The ministry says the injured were inside the embassy complex, located near the site of Wednesday’s bombing. It says embassy officials also reported some minor damage to the building, such as broken windows but that there are no other reports of injuries or damage involving Japanese nationals in Kabul.Turkey’s Foreign Ministry says Turkish Embassy buildings were damaged in the explosion but that no embassy employees were harmed The ministry condemned the attack and said Turkey would continue to stand by Afghanistan in the fight against terrorism.The BBC says a driver for the broadcaster was killed and four of its journalists were injured in the massive car bombing in Kabul.BBC World Service director Francesca Unsworth says Mohammed Nazir, who had worked for the BBC Afghan Service for four years, was killed as he was driving colleagues to work.She says the four journalists have been treated at a hospital, and their injuries are not believed to be life threatening.Unsworth says the attack is “a devastating loss to the BBC and to Mohammed Nazir’s friends and family.China’s foreign ministry says its embassy building in Kabul has been partly damaged in an explosion that rocked the Afghan capital’s heavily guarded diplomatic district earlier in the day Hight click Quality Replica Belts.