“Sorry, it’s closing time, so I can’t talk with you now

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Replica Hermes Vests are another part of the traditional German man’s wardrobe. A smart loden vest is worn to complement the lederhosen worn beneath. Colorful trimmings and embroidery are used to add to the formal look of the vest. “I’m surprised you haven’t heard about our product.”Why that’s wrong: Sounds condescending, arrogant, and insulting, implying that the prospect is ignorant.Better statement: “Since you said our product hermesbirkin35 com is unfamiliar to you, I’ll take a couple Hermes Replica Bags of minutes to describe it and answer your questions.”2. “That’s not my job.”Why that’s wrong: Not only do you avoid handling a customer’s problem yourself, you offer no solution from anyone.Better statement: “I know just the person who can help you with that problem, and I’ll introduce you to her.”3. “Sorry, it’s closing time, so I can’t talk with you now.”Why that’s wrong: Indicates that you work by the clock, not by commitment to customer needs.Better statement: “As you can see, the store is closing now, but I will be glad to stay around a few minutes until we meet your need.”RELATED: 7 Steps to Exceptional Customer Service4. Replica Hermes

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