It is important to encourage STEM subjects in schools

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Canada Goose Outlet Sale Healthcare science has a distinct career framework ranging from associate and affiliate, practioner and scientist.”As the science and technology sector continues to grow exponentially in this region, it is important to develop a STEM strategy to prevent staffing shortfalls. It is important to encourage STEM subjects in schools. Academia, industry and the NHS need to work in a collaborative way to develop STEM skills and ensure that Cambridge continues to develop the scientists, engineers and mathematicians of the future and maintain its international reputation in these areas.”How can we solve the STEM skills shortage?Professor White will be joined at the event by guests from pharmaceutical firm AstraZeneca, product design and development company Cambridge Consultants, Anglia Ruskin University, gene editing specialists Horizon Discovery Group and Morgan Sindall.Vicky Lamour, associate director for wireless software at Cambridge Consultants, said: “Teams made up of canada goose outlet people with a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences can see an issue from more perspectives and are more likely to come up with innovative solutions; tackling the diversity gap in STEM at all levels lets us solve technical problems better and faster.”It’s a win win win situation: by increasing participation in STEM for women, people from minority ethnic backgrounds, disabled people and other under represented groups, we can increase our pool of potential recruits and give ourselves the best chance of recruiting the best candidates; provide opportunities for a broader cross section of the potential workforce (thus driving economic growth); and have confidence that we are not unwittingly missing out on the optimum solution to a problem simply because we lacked the right perspective to see what was needed.”Bob Ensch, area director for Morgan Sindall, added: “The STEM skills gap is a key issue for our industry at all levels Canada Goose Outlet Sale.