A set of royal and ministerial decrees and a law on palliative

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pandora charms Contrary to the United Kingdom, there are no clinical specialists trained in palliative care in Belgium. A set of royal and ministerial decrees and a law on palliative care have set out a comprehensive organisational framework for palliative care, placing emphasis on the integration of palliative care in general health care.19 20 21 Since 2002 Belgium has also had a law regulating euthanasia, defining euthanasia as intentionally terminating life by a physician on a patient’s explicit request.18 The position of physician assisted suicide is legally unclear, but cases of assisted suicide attended by a physician are treated the same as euthanasia cases when reported to the Belgian Federal Control and Evaluation Commission Euthanasia.We investigated how prevalence and types of medical end of life decisions with a possible or certain life shortening effect are related to the care provided in the final three months of life. We studied the provision of end of life care by looking at the involvement of formal and informal care givers, including specialist multidisciplinary palliative care, the goal of the patients’ treatment in the final months of life, the extent to which physical, psychosocial, and spiritual care is delivered, and the patients’ place of death as a structural care component. pandora charms

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