About us

Utharakalam is a web portal which carries out the role of amplifying subaltern voices, smothered by mainstream public discourse. It was formed by a collective of writers, activists, academics and intellectual representatives from Dalit community, women’s movement, minority communities, environmental organisations and entrepreneurs as a rebellious alternative and much-required corrective to the established public discourse which work on an entrenched ideology entangled on caste, class, gender, religion and race hegemonies. The very name Utharakalam points to the post-foundational time in which all universally sanctioned totalitarian narratives are thrown into relief and problematically analysed for their ideological interests and politics of power.

As its objective, Utharakalam aims to throw radiant light on the prolonged struggle of the marginalised identities and social agents. It aims to project and garner support for the individual and collective struggles of new political subjectivities, reflected in their narratives, institutions and politics of difference. The public discourse it promotes is the one which deals with new socio-political sensibility, by bringing together fragmented and multilayered narratives and by crystallising a new subaltern consciousness from these narratives.

Utharakalam is founded on critically incisive and intellectually dynamic collective of people as well as a futuristic editorial team sensitive to issues that really matter for the oppressed sections in the world.