Shoot us, but we will not give up

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Ajmal khan








All that we done is, we elected you.
and this is not new to us either, We do it all the times.
We have never demanded for anything yet.
Neither we complained, nor protest.
My forefathers made their life here, they were happy
though they ate once or twice a day.
Then I came, I fish here, I dream on the shores.
and tomorrow my son will come and their sons.
We lived our lives with what we had, we were happy here.
This is for our children, this is for our women,
this for our generations to come
and this is for the every living organism here.
We will not go away,  we will not give up,
kill us but we will not give up.
Yesterday I had a bad dream,
I didn’t understand what was going on.
It was not very clear. It was fully black and dark.
There was fire, there was smog, cries, weepings, death, crisis and whisperers.
I didn’t understand anything.
Then I was told by Ramu that,
It was Fukushima, It was Chernobyl, It was Hiroshima, It was Nagasaki
and was so many other names which I am not able to pronounce.
Why should we suffer for you?
Aren’t we human beings like you all?
I know what you all will do, If there is a nuclear blast tomorrow.
I can’t forget the face of that child from Bhopal
Their weeping has not been stopped, their tears has not been shed,
their life has not come back there after.
They were the livestocks in the slaughter house.
I can’t forget the lies which is been told,
I can’t forget the number of children, mothers, sisters and  brothers
who were buried like animals.
We will not,
We will not allow you the same here.
You decide, its better to go from here.
I understand my mistakes,
All that we done is,
we elected you.
But we didn’t had any other option
We were told that,  you are terrorist against development
against national interest and anti-national,
and so many other lies.
Let me give this to history, to prove whether we consist all this.
And whether I was wrong.







(Ajmal khan is a student of Tata Institute of Social Science, Mumbai, can be reached at [email protected])

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