Between “Surprise” and “Worry”: The Problematique of Intellectual Positions on the Arab Spring

    Utharakalam Admin

    M.H.Ilias "There is also a widely held Western liberal misconception that the genuine democratic sense in the Arab World is limited to narrow secular elites. For some, change comes only through military coup while for others the vast majority in the Arab world can only be mobilized through religious fundamentalism." When you learn a new language, the first few vocabularies that you may come to learn without much effort may be ‘filthy’ ones. Islam, in this sense, is a new language and quite unfortunately, jehad, fatwa or murtad appear to be the ‘filthy terms’ for many in the media and academics. The conversations about the Arab/Islamic world, thus, often don’t go beyond these terms. The region at present, however, is an arena of


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